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Dear Sirs!

I write you because your organisation must take care of the destruction of the historical center of Hrodna (Grodno) city in Belarus. It is the most preserved after soviet time city in our country. But today the local administration working on «reconstruction» of the historical center of the city. They destroyed the historical buildings of XVII-XIX centuries such as Radziwll palace, Town hall and other. It is only the small part in plans of so called «reconstruction» that local power want to do in April-June of the 2006.

Our civil society tries to stop it and ask for the conservation of the historical buildings and main town square. But the administration doesn't listen to the opinion of the architects, historians and the citizens of Hrodna and Belarus.

I ask you to take this reconstruction of the historical center of this european town under control of the international organisations. Your authority can stop this barbarous attitude to the historical heritage of the humanity.

We know that in July the administration of Hrodna will send you some documents about the chanell of Augustow for proposal to include it to the list of the World Heritage of the UNESCO. It is really wonderfull object of engineering art, we are proud of it, and we ask you to make the final decision about it taking in opinion the real things that local administration do with the belarusian heritage! So that in case of real reconstruction it will become a real part of the World heritage too.

Last photos of the barbarious destruction of the historical center of the city (with some comments) are availlable here: http://www.grodnoproblem.km.ru

Please, help us!

Sincerelly yours,

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